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Several years ago, after the birth of my first child, out of nowhere, I began to struggle with acne. It became bad enough that I began seeing a dermatologist. Eventually, the acne became worse and I started developing painful cystic acne, something I had never before experienced. I went through 2 dermatologists, countless topical and oral medications, and no one could give me any answers as to why this was happening or find a solution to fix it. At best, the meds would just barely keep the cysts at bay, and then eventually run their course and the cysts would come back with a vengeance. On my last round of antibiotics, I was feeling hopeless. I was still taking the antibiotics, but I could tell their effectiveness was starting to wear off, and you can't take antibiotics forever. I was at the point that the doctors didn't have a lot treatment options left for me. I decided to try acupuncture, because it had helped a friend of mine with her pain. After the first treatment there was a noticeable difference almost immediately, and soon after I was able to come off my meds! I had a very severe problem, so it has taken a few months of treatment to get everything to slowly clear up, but since I started, I have not developed any new cysts and the existing ones have been gradually disappearing. None of the meds I had taken even got me close to fully healing. Now my face is baby soft and almost completely clear! Thank you Deana!
Isabel Krueger

My 15 year old son was having constant pain in both of his feet. The pain began shortly after being involved in a minor motorcycle accident. Over the next few months he saw several doctors and had all kinds of blood work done as well as an MRI of both feet. The conclusion was his brain was sending pain signals to his feet, but there was nothing physically wrong. Right before starting him on anti-seizure medication to retrain the brain, my husband found Maplebrook Acupuncture. Cody began weekly acupuncture treatments. I was doubtful in the beginning, because a few hours after treatment the pain would return. But after 5 months of weekly acupuncture treatments, he is now pain free. This is truly a miracle to have found Deana and her clinic.
Paul, Sheri and Cody Jackson

Initially I had strong doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture. After three rounds of antibiotics I was still fighting an acute case of bronchitis. I finally agreed to an acupuncture treatment. I felt better after the first treatment but didn’t give it much thought until a year later when I went in for a treatment for stress. Deana asked if I had bronchitis again during the past year. It was then that I realized I had gone a year without any bronchial issues. I usually suffer through several bouts each year. I now use acupuncture to relieve stress and migraines and no longer doubt the effectiveness.
Sherry R

Earlier this year I began treatment sessions with Deana Connors at Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic, as a result of a medical condition involving lower back and hips, causing me a great deal of stiffness, pain and discomfort. Since then, these issues have been greatly minimized, to the extent that I can again exercise, and have been able to hold off on any cortisone treatments and possible major surgical procedures, thanks to Deana’s professional and competent ministrations. The sessions take place in a very clean, relaxing and friendly environment.

Once or twice, every winter I will get a cold with intense sinus congestion. It is very difficult to breathe through my nose and very uncomfortable. After years of taking over the counter cold remedies that offered little relief I tried Acupuncture. The very first treatment I received relieved the congestion. Within a couple of minutes I could feel my sinuses draining and relief from the discomfort. Now I treat all my colds and sinus problems with acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas from Deana at Maplebrook Acupuncture. Thank you, Deana!
Joe, Tulsa

“I suffer from severe allergies to almost everything I eat, smell, and touch. I went to an allergist for about a year and it didn’t help much. It was suggested  I go to Acupuncture, but I went in with doubt since I “dislike” needles so much.  But, thanks to Deana’s gentle touch, I hardly feel any needles poking around my skin.  I have been in treatment for about 6-7 months, and I am starting to step out of my living-in-a-glass-ball life.”
Mandy C,  Tulsa

"I had major knee surgery 3 months after major surgery on my spine. Three months after knee surgery I was still in a lot of pain. The orthopedic surgeon told me it was taking so long for me to recover because of the high level of pain prior to surgery and the length of time I'd been in pain. Also, I'd had the two surgeries close together. I was very frustrated with the lingering pain and didn't want to continue on pain meds. I went to Deana to try acupuncture. I was a bit skeptical, but much to my surprise and delight, I saw results very quickly,. I felt something going on after the first treatment. After three treatments in a week, I noticed a significant reduction in pain! I also felt less tension in my neck and shoulders. I'm delighted and would be recommend Deana without hesitation!
Jeanie, Tulsa

"I've been a licensed massage therapist for over 27 years. For the past 6+ months I have been dealing with tennis elbow pain due to repetitive stress. The pain had become so bad I could hardly lift a glass of water. I came to see Deana at Maplebrook Community Acupuncture and with one treatment the pain was totally gone. I highly recommend Maplebrook Community Acupuncture." Becky P, Colorado

Wow! What a pleasure to recline back and relax while listening to soft healing sounds and to be in a community environment  where others  are healing as well.   I can feel the energy channels opening up while my body responds by releasing blockages and old patterns of things and behaviors which had become lodged in my physical body.  As the days go on I am rejuvenated with increased mental clarity and less physical discomfort.  Deana is a blessing to the community.  She’s nurturing, loving and very sensitive to my needs.  She guides me through gentle movements to get the energy flowing so my treatment is more effective.  I Love It!
Strategic Intervention
Life Coach

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