Individual Acupuncture

Individual Acupuncture

We firmly believe that acupuncture can be a great tool for individuals struggling with a variety of health ailments including chronic pain, infertility, and other disorders. Additionally, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to maintain optimal levels of overall wellbeing, providing relief for countless disruptions of natural body systems. 


One of the primary ways we ensure that treatment is accessible is by offering community acupuncture. In this group setting, we are able to treat several patients at once. This system has many benefits, one of these being the ability to charge a lesser fee per treatment. 


However, we realize that community acupuncture does not suit every situation or personality. Because of that, we have decided to offer private acupuncture service to best suit the needs of our patients. Our desire is to make acupuncture care accessible to everyone, regardless of their preferences or needs.


New Patient Private Acupuncture ($155):  30-minute Consultation followed by 60–75-minute Private Acupuncture Treatment.

(includes as needed besides acupuncture: Fire Cupping, Tuina (Chinese Massage), Moxibustion, E-Stim Therapy)


Follow-up Private Acupuncture treatment ($135): 60-75 minute one on one session.

Includes as needed: Fire Cupping, Tuina (Chinese Massage), Moxibustion, E-Stim Therapy.


Private Acupuncture Package: $600/5 sessions (Has to be paid in full, no refunds) $75 Savings.


Meaning of therapies click here: Maplebrook Acupuncture | Pricing

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a practice that stands the test of time. A pillar of Chinese medicine, acupuncture creates balance in the body, restoring various systems to their original state. Because of this, acupuncture is a valuable treatment for various types of pain, imbalances, and even infertility.


During an acupuncture treatment, sterile needles are inserted into specific areas of the body that have been identified as acupuncture points. Acupuncture is beneficial to many of the body’s systems including the endocrine system, respiratory system, neurological system, and even the digestive system. 


The needles used for acupuncture treatment are barely larger than a human hair. Although new patients are often nervous about the process, acupuncture is actually an incredibly relaxing experience! The relaxation benefits, in addition to the health benefits, make acupunctural care a popular means of achieving an optimal level of overall wellness.

What is Individual Acupuncture?

Individual acupuncture is simply an acupuncture treatment that takes place in a private setting. This new setting will allow us to provide care for patients that prefer privacy. Additionally, it will enable us to provide acupuncture treatments in specific parts of the body that a community setting simply does not allow, like the back and shoulders.


Whether you require privacy because of your treatment location or you just prefer a private experience, Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic is ready to serve you with this new service alternative. We hope that the introduction of individual acupuncture care provides an opportunity for even more individuals to experience the benefits of acupuncture.

Individual Acupuncture vs. Community Acupuncture

At Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic, we believe that acupuncture is a viable treatment for many ailments. Additionally, everyone can benefit from the balancing and relaxing side effects of regular treatment.


Both individual and community acupuncture have the same goal. The treatment plan is the same with the same results achieved. However, community acupuncture does present a few challenges. The primary challenge that we have found with community acupuncture is that it limits the areas of the body that are able to receive treatment. In an individual treatment room, we are able to provide acupuncture for areas of the body that require more privacy, like the back, for example.


Additionally, there are many individuals who simply prefer a private experience. Despite your personal preference, we desire to provide acupunctural care that is comfortable and accessible for you. 


Community acupuncture continues to provide a long list of benefits. The nature of a community setting allows us to charge a lesser fee for treatment as we are able to treat multiple patients at a time in one common area. It also allows our patients access to regular treatment as we have a more open schedule.


Patients also enjoy being able to receive treatment alongside their friends or family members. The community energy in the room is a unique experience and adds to the healing of all who are involved.

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