Most US acupuncturists see only one patient per hour and charge $160 to $350/treatment. Our community acupuncture model, the traditional approach in Asia, allows us to see multiple patients an hour and customizing treatments personally for each patient. That way, we can make acupuncture affordable and still make a living ourselves. All of that said, we still spend time a good deal of time talking with each patient, going over individual medical records. Our diagnostic skills are extremely refined and help us decide how to treat you as an individual.



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What is BEMER Therapy: Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) is a subtype of PEMF therapy. BEMER stimulates healthy muscles to improve and facilitate muscle performance.  For more than 20 years, the benefits of BEMER have impacted millions of people around the world. BEMER is an FDA cleared consumer medical device that is non-invasive and easy to use. It works with microcirculation in the muscles to help stimulate blood circulation for a better recovery. BEMER has been known to improve organ blood flow and nutrient supply. (By appointment request only) BEMER Therapy Reviews & Testimonials from Medical Experts | BEMER (

What is Fire Cupping: Fire cupping is an ancient therapy technique that originated in the Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. Fire cupping is a great tool that we still use in the present day to relieve sore muscles, muscle spasms, muscle tension, provide pain relief, encourage blood flow, encourage the lymphatic system to promote healing and improve flexibility and range of motion. Fire cupping is intended to bring healthy blood cells to the injury faster to help rid the area of these toxins the body creates that hinder the healing.

What is Moxibustion: Whether on its own or combined with acupuncture, a moxibustion treatment can provide several physical benefits, including improved blood flow, a boosted immune system, and chronic pain relief. (Expelling cold and dampness from the body to relieve back pain and pain from arthritis and menstrual camping, Regulating the digestive system to relieve constipation and chronic diarrhea, reducing numbness in the fingers and toes, Reducing the risk of developing blood clots, Relieving side effects of conventional cancer treatment…etc.

What is E-stim Therapy: It involves attaching metal wires to acupuncture needles and running a current through the needles to stimulate the acupoints. E-Stim is effective in addressing certain conditions such as arthritis and other chronic pain conditions, multiple sclerosis, muscle atrophy, bell palsy, traumas to the musculoskeletal system, addiction, depression, and many more. It can also be used to accelerate tissue healing in the case of wounds, ulcers, and the like.

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