How To Prepare For Your Treatment

Please read the instructions below and complete the New Patient Forms available on this website.


Please bring these forms with you on the day of your first treatment.
All New Patients must call to schedule at (918) 814-7650


(A credit card is required to schedule the New Patient appointment or prepay in person)

We require 24-hours' notice for any cancellation or reschedules. If you are late 10 minutes or more, you may be asked to reschedule. Same day cancellation is 50% charge, no show & no call 100% charge of New Patient fee.

Avoid caffeine at least 1 hour prior to your appointment.

Do not wear scents (perfume, cologne, oils, lotions, hair spray, etc.), as some of our patients are chemically sensitive.

You may choose to bring a light throw or blanket to put over you while you relax during your treatment. (We do provide blankets as needed)

Prior to your first Acupuncture treatment, as a New Patient: Plan on staying for at least 90 minutes, arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork unless previously completed.

Come prepared to talk about your health concerns. The Acupuncture Physician will want to know how long you have had this condition, what makes it better or worse, what other health professionals you have seen, etc.

Recommended time to stay for Follow-up Patients is a minimum of 45 minutes.

Make sure to eat on the day of your treatment, no empty stomach.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing (so we can access the area around your elbows and knees)

Please do not leave the clinic area if you are feeling “lightheaded” following a treatment. This could create a hazard if you were to leave and attempt to drive a vehicle in this condition. If it is best, you should sit in the waiting room or take a walk before getting in your car.

After your treatment, know that you should stay out of any pool or shower for at least 2 hours, No exercise or heavy lifting for minimum of 2-4 hours, and avoid massage therapy and chiropractor care the same day, especially after acupuncture treatments (you may receive them before).

Occasionally symptoms may become aggravated following the treatment. This is often a sign that previously dormant conditions are being awakened so that healing can occur. This “healing crisis” should pass quickly, if you have concerns, please contact the clinic.

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